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We offer a wide range of services related to auto maintenance and repair to our customers. We are expert in Engine Diagnostics, Oil Change, AC Repairing, Wheel Alignment, Tire Replacing and Repairing, Brakes Repairing, Battery Repairs, Belts and Hoses, etc.Our objective for our customers is to satisfy them in all vehicle repair related issues. Our garage will opens on Monday to Saturday by 10:00 Am to 06:00 PM and closed on Sunday. Our professional mechanics will provide you their best services.

We are here to serve you the city’s Best Car Repair Services. Our professional and experienced auto mechanics will satisfy you and provide you their best car maintenance services. Our goal is to satisfy you in any auto related service. Our car garage was awarded as Best Auto Repair Service provider in the 2003-2004 Auto Repair Survey. We have a total of 25 years’ experience as our garage was founded in 1994 by a team of 5 professional auto repair mechanics.

We provide our best brake repairing and maintenance service. We provide new brake installation, repairing of brakes, adjusting of brakes, brakes diagnostics, brake replacement, etc.Our garage offers full service of oil change and related services. Our mechanics knows very well that which oil is appropriate for your vehicle as different oil is used for every vehicle.

One of the main mechanical device of vehicles are BRAKES. They controls the motion of the vehicle by stopping or deaccelerating it. If your car have any problem related to brakes than it is very harmful to you as you can lose your life. We provide our best brake repairing and maintenance service. We provide new brake installation.

Nowadays vehicle companies’ uses best technology to increase vehicle’s performance and age by decreasing the cost of fuel consumption and other expenditures. We offer all type of diagnostics and maintenance services related to engine like inspection of engine and related parts, technical problems, performance tuning, components efficiency testing. When your Check Engine Lights comes on, bring your vehicle to our garage for full diagnostics and repairing by our professional technicians.

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